The Woodlands Hotel, Sandsend

Booking Online

Booking your stay at The Woodlands is easy. Use the booking widget below to enter your preferred dates, then click 'Check Availability' to see which rooms are available. You'll be taken to FreeToBook to complete the rest of the booking process. 

Don't forget to take advantage of our lockdown offer by inputting the code LOCKDOWN-N in the "promo code" box ( available on stays of two nights or more)

We recommend that you are covered with travel insurance.

Booking By Phone or Via this Website.

Please note for for stays during the current lockdown, we will only accept bookings from workers who are required to stay away from home for employment purposes. Proof will be required

We are happy to take bookings from everyone else for stays outside of the lockdown period. Bookings for stays after lockdown can be booked now.

Guests can be welcomed back on May 17th 2021.


  1. 7.5% discount on bookings made directly through our website and during the current lockdown, for stays after lockdown up to 30th Nov 2021. 
  2. Bookings must be made via our web site for a 2 night minimum stay
  3. If a booking is made for a date and lockdown is still on, you can change the date and carry the discount to the new date.
  4. If lockdown has been lifted and a booked date is changed the discount will not apply to the changed date.
  5. The offer expires when lockdown is lifted.
  6. Book the room and date via our website and use the code LOCKDOWN-N
  7. Offer applies to bookings made via our website ONLY.

Call us on 01947 893 899. or 0790 4545452

Book Now

We are currently closed due to the national lockdown, which is due to be lifted on May 17th 2021. If you are travelling for work purposes we can take a booking from you to stay during the lockdown. Please do not be offended if we ask about the purpose of your stay during this time. Strict adherence to the rules for travel during lockdown is to protect both us and yourself. If you would like to book with us please telephone direct on 01947 893899, if we are out please leave a message and we will get back to you. We would prefer you speak to us before any booking is made, so ask that you do not use external booking engines at this time. Many thanks for your co-operation.